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Defibrillator Locations

In any emergency, call 999 and give your exact location. See the Health Hub for more on what to do in an emergency.

If you see someone having a cardiac arrest, call 999, start CPR and get someone to find a defibrillator. The emergency operator can advise you if you can't find one. Once you get the defibrillator, turn it on and continue CPR until the device tells you to stop. You can read more about defibrillators and how to use them here:

Find your nearest defibrillator using

There are defibrillator units in the following College locations:

  • Porters' Lodge (Main Site)
  • Henderson Building - Rokos (near to the Café entrance)
  • GAB Common Room
  • Boathouse (external wall)
  • Sports Pavilion (external)
Defibrillator on wall near Farthings Cafe
Henderson Building defibrillator (near Farthings Café)


Debrillator on external wall of Boathouse
Boathouse external defibrillator


Debrillator on external wall of Sports Pavilion
Sports Pavilion external defibrillator