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Farthings Cafe

Term Time

Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm

Saturday 9am to 2pm 

Sunday 10am to 2pm

We do not accept cash in term but you can use your flexible meal plan or a debit/credit card and now Apple and Android Pay along with contactless payment cards to purchase items. You can also pay with your SALTO card, which you can top up at the till and online. We do not accept American Express.

Hot items are available throughout the day.

Out of Term

Open Monday to Friday - times may vary.

Bank Holidays

Please note that Farthings is usually closed on Bank Holidays with the exception of the May Bank Holidays when we are open as ususal.

There are occasions, during exceptionally quiet periods or when maintentance work is required, on which these times may vary.

If you have any queries contact the Catering Department 01865 276460.


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